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Info About ME :)

hey hey everyone!
Thanks a lot for not leaving immediately after you saw my crappy page :)
Well, you are here to read something about me, so i better start :)


I am a girl, i am 20 years old and i live in The Netherlands :)
I am a psychologystudent at KUB University and that's why i live in Tilburg, but my parents live in Limburg in Valkenburg.
When i was 18 i moved out and went to live on my own :)
At the moment I share a house with my friend Gemke and our landlady Liesbeth.
I recently passed all my first year exams, which i was and still am very happy about :)
so now i am FINALLY a second year student :) And i will probably stay that for some time, hehe :)


I like a lot of music and some of my favorite bands are: Radiohead, dEUS, K's Choice, Psyched Up Janis and The Posies.
If you wanna read more about them and about other bands, please visit my Music page.
This year i went to Pinkpop festival for the second time and it was a lot of fun :)


I have had a couple of pets in my life, unfortunately some of them died :(
I used to have a small white rabbit called Flip and he was very smart :)
He could run up and down the stairs very well :)
After Flip's death i got another rabbit, this one was called Teun and he was the opposite of Flip :)
He was big and a little bit nuts. hehe :)
In between we also had and fortunately still have a dog called Snoopy.
He is 13 now and getting a bit old, but still very sweet :)
Our newest family member is called Sparky and is a small black cat.
All male visitors just love her :) (right steen?) :)
Unfortunately all our pets are a bit crazy so also this one :)
Later I would also like to have a pet when it is possible :)

If you wanna know more about me and see some pics of me *brrrr* you can go here :)