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Info About ME :)

hi hi everyone!
Thanks a lot for not leaving immediately after you saw my crappy page :)
Well, you are here to read something about me, so i better start :)
I am a girl, i am 20 years old and i live in The Netherlands :)
I am a psychologystudent at KUB University and that's why i live in Tilburg, but my parents live in Limbocountry in Valkenburg.


This was more than enough boring info about me, if you wanna know more about me and see some pics of me *brrrr* you can go here :)

Links To My Friends Homepages

steen + me

hehe, the picture you can see above is me and my boyfriend Steen in Berlin last summer :)
he lives in Denmark so we can't see eachother that often *sniff*
only 7418937102 days to go till we see eachother again :)

Please visit Steen's Homepage :)

Steen Ladegaard Knudsen's homepage

Please also take a look at his sort sol page:

please, get me out of here!!