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I l o A n d M o r e

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How i ever ended up here in Tilburg? i dont know. I dont know why i started to study psychology. I guess because it sounded nice to me. And sometimes it is nice. But some of the subjects arent as i thought they would be. Well, all studies have that problem i think. because im in my third year now i certainly wanna finish this. Although im sometimes not motivated enough to study. Then i study without really knowing what im doing. And that isnt the right way. But im being a good student this year and have nearly been to all my classes :) And im really studying right now. the reason why im studying here is basically that my sister was already a student here. I am considering studying in Denmark now. Because Steen and me can be together more then. I guess it would be for half a year. Sounds exciting and frightening at the same time :) I just have to think about it some more.