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im a girl and i am 21 years old. well, may 7 was my 21.5 bday so im closer to 22 :)
i live in the south part of the netherlands.
im a 3rd year student at kub university, where i study educational psychology. i live in tilburg most of the week, but in the weekends i go home to valkenburg where my parents and the washingmachine are.

Another reason to go home every week is because i have a weekend-job in houthem, which is close to valkenburg. i try to entertain the nuns by mistaking their names and not being able to find them when someone calls for them. so i am a receptionist at an abt.

i also like to spend time in denmark where my boyfriend lives. i try to spend all my holidays with him, which is quite expensive and it also takes a lot of time, because it is an 11 hour traintrip.
but i dont mind :)

i have some likes and quite some dislikes.

things i like are: music (radiohead, tori amos, dEUS, skunk anansie, r.e.m., portishead, and yes, i have a copy of robbie williams last cd (thanks again steen). hehe.), books, sheep, shaun, wallace and gromit, sleeping, watching GTST, playing computergames, surfing the web, holidays, snoopy, going camping, pets, collecting snoopysocks and dubbeltjes (10 cents pieces), lasagna, chinese food, tortilla's, surprises (only good ones of course) and danish donald duck books to teach me danish.

things i dont like: having 8 exams in june, having to write 3 more essays before june 15, using capitals, finding out i forgot something again, too many people at one place (and yes, i am going to 2 musicfestivals this year, pinkpop in nl. and roskilde in dk.), saying goodbye, drunk people when you are sober, fake flowers, pink furniture, plastic gnooms in the garden, plastic drink/beerglasses, not being able to shower privately at a camping, only have a few tshirts and finding out that your boyfriend has accidently taken your new one with him to dk, onions, boiled vegetables that look like slime, not being able to find a new summerjacket, annoying nuns, feeling like there isnt anything you can do to change a situation, when everyone has a tan except yourself (grrr) and many more that i cant think of now :)

i recently have achieved something that i am very proud of, i stopped biting my nails 4 weeks ago, and they are "long" now (i dont like really long nails) :)
with some thanks to "go' negl: willpower in a bottle" of course.

thats it for now, if you wanna know even more than this, feel free to email me