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* KUB University: The university I have been going to the last 5 years.

*  Steen's Homepage: With a bunch of links and a Sort Sol page. The best page on the web of course ;)

* Gemke's Homepage: Read the Paris story and other interesting facts! Please forget to look at the pics where I am also on ;)

* Hans' NAC page: In case you don't know, NAC is a soccerclub!

* Stella Maris: My highschool. For some of my fav. teachers, check here!

* Mtnsms: Send free sms-messages all over the world.

* Free stuff: Because I am Dutch ;)

* Monsterboard: Just to remind Steen that there are many jobs here :) hehe.

* Valkenburg: Little touristtown in the south of the Netherlands where I grew up.

More to come.