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I am 23 years old, live in Denmark and am currently enjoying the summer. Last March I graduated from KUB University in The Netherlands with a degree in educational and developmental psychology. This sounds like a lot, but it basically means that I want to work with children who have problems, mostly in their schoolcareer.

About a month after graduating I moved to Denmark, to be with Steen and to see what to future might bring :)
I am studying danish now and even though I am not making that much progress I learn a few words every day, so that is good.

Before I moved here I lived in Tilburg. I shared a house there with Gemke. We always had lots of fun together so it was a shame I had to move out. But we will see eachother again soon, hopefully during our holidays in France :)

A few weeks ago we bought 2 hamsters (hopefully nobody reads this who lives in this building, because animals aren't allowed *ssshhhh*) and they are lots of fun!

Books: Milan Kundera, Paul Auster, Amy Tan, John Irving, John Updike and many more.
Music: PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, dEUS, Beth Orton, The Cure, Tori Amos, Pearl Jam and more more more.

Some pictures can be seen here: Gemke and me, Steen and me, a pig and me, Gemke, me and Yvonne.