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steen in front of a fountain in Montpellier
me in front of another fountain in Montpellier
Carcassonne 1
Carcassonne 2
Carcassonne 3
Carcassonne 4
me in front of the rennes-le-chateau church
steen in front of tour magdala in Rennes-le-chateau
me in front of the fortress in Arques
steen and me after climbing a mountain in lastours
steen and me again
lastours again
and again
steen with the vulcano's near Clermont-Ferrand in the background
same concept :)
steen trying to be a caveman near Dole
me in front of an almost tropical waterfall
steen and me at an medieval diner with a knight playing in the background ;)
gemke in hans' new car
gemke and hans in their new tent
gemke and hans' head
time to go home again :(