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Hello and welcome!
First of all, this page is never finished and never up to date. I have to admit that I am lazy :)

I am a girl, I'm 22 years old and I live in The Netherlands.
I currently live in Tilburg, where I have lived the past 3 years. This is because I go to KUB University where I am a fourth year psychology student. I am specializing in children with learning disabilities and other problems related to that.
I live in a small room, in a house that i share with my friend Gemke and the person who owns the place.
Gemke and I share the 3rd floor. It's not that big, but we have our own kitchen, so I am happy with that.
During the weekends I normally go to my parents. They live more south, in Valkenburg.
I have 1 sister, she is called Patricia and she is 3 years older than me. She lives together with her boyfriend in Maastricht.
In the weekends I have a job as a receptionist at an old peoples home. The job requires a lot of patience, because in the 7 hours that i have to be there, I can be happy when I get 1 phonecall.

More Me
Since about 1 year I am together with my boyfriend. He's called Steen, which sounds strange for dutch people :) He is Danish, so we don't see eachother that often, which can drive me crazy sometimes :)
I try to spend a lot of time in Denmark, and Steen tries to spend a lot of his time in The Netherlands, which isnt always easy, with study, job and my weekendjob. But untill now we have always been able to find a solution so we dont have to be apart for too long :)
The summer together has been wonderful this year :)

More More Me
I don't really have any big hobbies, but I enjoy listening to music, reading and watching tv.
In the weekends I like to play computergames (especially silly ones :), and I also enjoy sitting outside with our cat Sparky. Sparky isn't the first pet we ever had. Before her we had a dog and a rabbit, but unfortunately they aren't alive anymore.
Later I would like to have a sheep, but not in the house of course :)
you can see here all the places that i like to go to on the internet!